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Over the past 25 years, I’ve met some of the finest professionals in the United States. Please allow me the privilege of introducing you to some of them.

Bill Carl croppedBill Carl

Bill Carl is a multifaceted voiceover artist who has tones and rhythms that I can only dream of. (I love to do voiceover work. I have an everyman voice.) He’s responsive to direction and provides a quick turnaround. He’s been around the block to know that clients sometimes change their minds, need repairs, and sometimes need to start from scratch. He’ll be in your corner, not a stone in your shoe.



Heidi Petak croppedHeidi Petak

I know her best as a voiceover artist with credits from national events, international brands, and a few phone systems I call once a month, but Dr. Heidi Petak is much more than than. She’s a college instructor, an actress, a playwright, seminar speaker, and author.