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What is Innovation Locomotion?

This podcast plus supporting products and services are an outgrowth of Lionsheart Creative and Mark Whitlock. Lionsheart Creative is a small marketing firm specializing in audio production for every application and the written word in every format.

Over the years, companies and individuals have asked Mark to consult on the creative process and teach on Directional BrainstormingTM, Mark’s proven method of getting creative results.

Now, Mark combines his great loves into a podcast for you.

Who is Mark Whitlock?

Hello my name is Mark and I am a recovering loser.

I have lost my hair, my five-minute mile pace, and I lose my car keys about once a week. Some say I’ve lost my sense of humor but I never had much of one to begin with. I’ve lost my house, my reputation, and jobs. Too many jobs. I am acquainted with grief because I lost my parents. I’ve gotten up close and personal with shame because I lost my marriage. I’m praying hard I don’t lose the love of my children. One thing I’ll never lose is the grace of God but I regret to tell you I’ve tried to shake it a time or two.

It might help you to know that I’m a published author with several titles including a bona fide overall top-25 Amazon bestseller. I’ve spent my career crafting content for the radio, publishing, and film industries. I’ve helped non-profits raise millions of dollars. (Read my full résumé here.)

Why should you listen to me? Maybe you shouldn’t. At least listen with both ears open. If I don’t keep my promises to you, run away. If I come off as fake, plastic, or a moviefied version of a polyester-clad used car salesman, trash me on iTunes and Amazon.

Hello my name is Mark and I’m starting over after a season of failures. I hope you and I can both learn from my self-inflicted wounds.